Our experienced hunting guides will make your Colorado elk or deer hunt an exciting experience.  A 5-day hunt package includes: five nights of lodging and meals at the ranch.  Check-in is the afternoon before your hunt begins with check-out after lunch on the 5th day of your hunt.  In addition to lodging and meals, your hunt includes the services of a professional guide who will work tirelessly to get you into the game, help clean, and pack out your animal.  Basically, everything for your hunt is included, with the exception of your personal gear, your weapon of choice, and your game license.
Elk and Deer (5-day hunts):
Archery / Muzzleloader:  1 guide / 2 hunters
Rifle Hunts: 1 guide /  2 hunters
Combination Hunts - Additional $300
Trophy Caping (for mounting) - Add $250
Moose (per day hunts):  
Archery / Muzzle / Rifle: 1 guide / 1 hunter
            $1,000 / day (3-day minimum)
*All moose and deer tags in Colorado are by draw only (see CPSW Info page for more information)
*You should include tips in your hunting budget for your guide.  The customary tip is 10% -15% of the price of your hunt.